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How Stunningly Self Absorbed of Me

Oh, Torchwood Fandom
One day in and you're already reminding me of one of your more unfortunate and sadly pervasive tendencies. .

Just because you're choosing to couch your discussion of another subset of the fandom in terms academic or anthropological, your tonal quality does not get to convey contempt, dismissiveness, and/ or that indefinable yet always recognizable whiff of superiority:intellectual, emotional, or any other color of that particular spectrum.

I'd say build a ladder and get over yourselves, but I fear most of the available timber is being used for crosses over in another corner.

Because it's nearly 4am and my bluetooth is working my last good nerve and if BBCA  running in th ebackground hadn't taught me  with shrewing Gwen's nonstop "Jaaaaaack"  to really lose all respect for TW just exactly wtf was that obvious framing reference to the 456 holding tank

Note to self: lose the BBCA background noise while working.

And yes, that was pretty soc of me.

Well now.
I said I would post something about the Ianto Jones/CoE/resurrecting dead characters campaigns and how standing on other people's backs is never a good thing but really, it just opened up a huge can of worms about manipulation and yes, I will, but woof, did it make me think and, aside from high end physics that I actually know about oi, this is never a good thing.

And don't give me bullshit about anthropological/societal interests and state elsewhere that you would hope if you had behaved in a similar way you would hope for external intervention.  No matter the circumstances. People really do need to get the concept of blurred context. And no, that is not a dumbed down concept. Elitism sucks, no matter how you cloak it.

That disclaimer aside, I'll get around to posting my thoughts.

And if no one reads them, lol, it's just a means of forcing myself to structure them.

Short preview. RTD pulled a fast one on all of us, but we tend to make it easy for those things to happen. We can also not play that game on each other.

tl;dr version to follow

Oh and good natured finger pointing and giggling? Totally down with that

Blood in the water. no.

ETA - writer =/= storyteller. Big diff.

I will give you this
If GDL needs work, let's make him some. .

Oh bloody hell
Christ, LJ, stop nagging me to post.


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